15 November 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

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Watchlist -- 15 November 2017

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Pending Sales:

Limit Sell 2015 shares of EEP @ $14.89 for no gain

Limit Sell 2067 shares of WOW @ $14.54 for no gain

Limit Sell 1018 shares of MOMO @ $30.95 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 7434 shares of AGTC @ $4.30 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 2904 shares of SCMP @ $10.85 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 1210 shares of PCMI @ $10.25 for a 5% gain






We got crushed today and my excitement level is basically nil. Let's point out the problem child and shame them...WOW, shame...shame. WOW is killing us and killing how we look on paper; the good news? We still believe in it's upside and eventually it will be the stock that carries us while other stocks struggle. Be patient. I know this week has been lousy. Ride the wave. Happy Trading!

James PauleyComment