31 October 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

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Watchlist -- 31 October 2017

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Pending Sales:

Limit Sell 1759 shares of WOW @ $14.85 for no gain

Limit Sell 1704 shares of EEP @ $15.28 for no gain

Limit Sell 680 shares of SYNA @ $40.24 for a 5% gain






EEP's earnings release got pushed back to Nov. 2, however, the run up today was in anticipation for earnings release. Hopefully, we can get that up to at least even to get some money off the table. SABR posted earlier today that they'll do their earnings release tomorrow morning, so we have some exciting days coming up. Buckle your seat belt...I've almost for got what a positive days feels like. Happy Trading!

James PauleyComment