15 August 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 16 August 2017


Pending Sales:

Limit Sell 56 shares of EEP @ $15.82 for no gain

Limit Sell 1452 shares of PCMI @ $13.85 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 4085 shares of POLA @ $5.05 for no gain

Limit Sell 168 shares of SABR @ $18.97 for no gain

Limit Sell 3732 shares of CPG @ $7.02 for no gain


Purchased 2738 shares of CPG @ $6.78




Barely finished in the green today but we'll take it. Still waiting on ITEK to trend up but that could be a few weeks, or even months. Building position in CPG -- if we can get CPG to sell to even, we will probably spread the money in EEP or SABR to start working on those positions.

James PauleyComment