8 August 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 9 August 2017


Pending Sales:

Limit Sell 1262 shares of EEP @ $16.66 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 931 shares of PCMI @ $13.17 for no gain

Limit Sell 8044 shares of POLA @ $5.31 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 1221 shares of SABR @ $19.92 for a 5% gain


Purchased 1221 shares of SABR @ $18.97




Today was due, as far as a loss was concerned...and it's probably only going down more tomorrow. As long as there is war rhetoric (DPRK), the market will do well to be stable. Looking forward, we'd like to pick up more POLA and CPG.

James PauleyComment