1 August 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 2 August 2017


Pending Sales:

Limit Sell 1262 shares of EEP @ $16.66 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 1213 shares of MGNX @ $16.52 for no gain

Limit Sell 1477 shares of PCMI @ $14.25 for a 5% gain

Limit Sell 2959 shares of POLA @ $5.12 for no gain


Purchased 1250 shares of MGNX @ $16.04

Purchased 2997 shares of POLA @ $5.06




Here comes August -- a looming historical -1.9% month. With the market as high as it is right now...we'll be lucky to maintain or profit position through the month. Going into tomorrow we'd like to level our at 40k even on POLA and potentially start a new position in CPG. It's going to be slow for a while, at least I'd assume. Be patient. Trade Smart. Happy Trading.

James PauleyComment