7 July 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 10 July 2017



Purchased 3464 shares of SHOR @ $5.79


Sold 1196 shares of AOSL @ $16.82 for no gain


Fracking got killed on Friday; see HCLP or SND. Fortunately, we didn't have any exposure, but we're wondering if there's not a rebound play to be made. We probably wouldn't target Monday as an entry, due to the uptrend on Friday, but if the market trends down tomorrow and fracking stays down, Tuesday may be a potential entry. We probably prefer HCLP over SND, but that's all hypothetical. Our portfolio is strong! The buy down on AOSL worked like a charm, in 24 hours mind you. POLA is increasingly tough because we don't want to lose our gains and it's not trending in volume until about the last 90 minutes of the trading day. Keep your eye on your phone for that, we're going to hold it for as long as it feels safe though.

James PauleyComment