4 May 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 5 May 2017

Pending Trades:

Limit Sell 280 shares of AR @ $22.54 (5%)

Limit Sell 598 shares of CPG @ 10.05 (0%)

Limit Sell 180 shares of FPRX @ $35.05 (5%)

Limit Sell 1399 shares of GLYC @ $4.54 (5%)

Limit Sell 987 shares of POLA @ $6.08 (0%)

Limit Sell 150 shares of PVAC @ $42.67 (5%)

Limit Sell 330 shares of RES @ $19.14 (5%)

Limit Sell 120 shares of USB @ $53.36 (5%)






Today was.....not better at all. Deceptive day...the S&P 500 finished in the positive, but it was mostly large caps dominating the market. Most of the mid-caps and small-caps all suffered, many of which suffered far more than ours. None the less; bad day. I know we played both sides of the fence going in to this week, but basically what we predicted happened, the market was high and has corrected itself...the good news? The bleeding shouldn't continue as it has to get us here. We may continue to suffer a little bit through the following days considering the market has pretty much been stable, but the worst should be over. Our true average account value should be about 66k. Don't panic, our portfolio strength is far about average and our positions are good, we just need to wait now. Going in to tomorrow, we still suggest NOVN... maybe give PCMI or PTI a look, but those are more long term trades. However, their current price reflects a lot of room for recovery. As always, email us for one-on-one advice, mentoring, anything... admin@hnltrade.com  Happy Trading!

James PauleyComment