31 May 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 1 June 2017


Limit Sell 617 shares of CPG @ 10.56 (5%)

Limit Sell 192 shares of FPRX @ $31.31 (0%)

Limit Sell 1490 shares of OMED @ $4.03 (0%)

Limit Sell 1043 shares of POLA @ $5.77 (0%)


Purchased 28 shares of MOMO @ $37.79




CBIO....naturally, we are targeting MOMO and CBIO....purchased MOMO and then CBIO soars 18% before closing at a 14% gain. This is all part of the game though. Timing is massive, and with our current positions, stability was more important than potential. Our current portfolio strength is "B+"... there was a massive amount of resistance today when we got into those low, low numbers. The next move we'll be looking at is a second 6k$ installment to CPG. For the first time in eight months, we've officially posted a negative month. We encourage you to embrace it and focus on one fact... the only thing that matters is the annual gain/loss. That's it. If there was another number that mattered, we'd brag that we turned 260% last year, but it doesn't matter. Stay upbeat and stay focused on letting the hard work pay off. Happy trading!

James PauleyComment