24 May 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 25 May 2017

Limit Sell 617 shares of CPG @ 10.56 (5%)

Limit Sell 192 shares of FPRX @ $31.31 (0%)

Limit Sell 1490 shares of OMED @ $4.03 (0%)

Limit Sell 1043 shares of POLA @ $5.77 (0%)


Purchased 198 shares of POLA @ $5.16

Purchased 700 shares of OMED @ $3.69

Purchased 156 shares of MDR @ $6.35


Sold 280 shares of AR @ $21.48 for a 0.08% gain


All of the stress of May paid off today; we've got a lot to say, and I want to be concise, so let's hop into it. PTI could be massive tomorrow...it has the attention of EVERY swing trader in the market given it's positional change today and technicals. There's a reason we don't have a pending sell in, and that's because it could absolutely take off tomorrow morning. Set your alarm clocks and cross your fingers. Best case scenario is $6.00, worst is obviously we are wrong, but we should be in at least breakeven territory, so it more or less becomes a decision of whether to keep it or not. If it doesn't run tomorrow and it's stagnant on Friday, we will most likely forfeit our position. MDR...buy this, incredible....say it with me...INCREDIBLE value at this entry price. This stock shouldn't double or triple, but your money should be very safe and deliver a decent gain. Lastly, we forfeited our position AR this morning. Naturally, we wish we could have had the 2% gain from last week, but you just never know. Bottom line, we weren't willing to take a loss on that stock, and that's what was becoming inevitable. As always, email us! admin@hnltrade.com   Happy Trading!

James PauleyComment