17 May 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 18 May 2017

Limit Sell 280 shares of AR @ $22.54 (5%)

Limit Sell 617 shares of CPG @ 10.56 (5%)

Limit Sell 192 shares of FPRX @ $31.31 (0%)

Limit Sell 987 shares of POLA @ $6.08 (0%)

Limit Sell 1329 shares of PTI @ $4.98 (5%)

Limit Sell 330 shares of RES @ $19.14 (5%)

Limit Sell 60 shares of USB @ $53.36 (5%)






We know, we know...it was bad. What's your seeing is about 35% market correction, 65% political panic. The real bad news with that is, this is really just the beginning of whatever potential political situation this may end up being. The only silver lining to the political side is that whatever outcome happens, the market should catch traction quickly; if it even goes down that road...which we're not thinking is likely. Anyway...our stocks performed just the way the stock market did today, 3%-5% drops across the board. As we always state, we are happy with our positions. This is just a bad spot, much like we had in early march...roll with the punches...we'll make it through this. RES has the most support; when/if it sells, we'll dump that money into PTI to drive down our average stock price down, and after $12k in PTI, the remaining money, for the foreseable future will make it's way into POLA. If you've got free capital and you've been waiting for a chance to invest...this is it. Happy Trading!

James PauleyComment