27 April 2017

HNL TRADE Co. -- Main Portfolio

Watchlist -- 28 April 2017


Pending Trades:

Limit Sell 280 shares of AR @ $22.54 (5%)

Limit Sell 598 shares of CPG @ 10.05 (0%)

Limit Sell 987 shares of POLA @ $6.08 (0%)

Limit Sell 330 shares of RES @ $19.14 (5%)

Limit Sell 120 shares of USB @ $53.36 (5%)


Purchased 150 shares of PVAC @ $40.63

Purchased 1116 shares of POLA @ $5.41


Sold 329 shares of UA @ $18.55 for a 5% gain


Finished at a remarkable no loss/no gain today -- BUT had a sell for profit and make some good position changes. The market wasn't up so much today that we underperformed. We're flying back to Hawai'i tomorrow, so expect a slow day of trading on our end unless something crazy happens. This has been a great week; more so, a great week that we extracted a lot of money out of the market after profits -- this is what our company is all about. We really hope that you all made some money and we appreciate your support. Because of you, we were able to start this business and make trading a sustainable source of income for us all. Have a great weekend! -- HNL TRADE Co.

James PauleyComment