2 February 2017

Pending Trades:



Purchased 266 shares of UA @ $18.67

Purchased 72 shares of CEMP @ $3.14


Sold 100 shares of SHOP @ $52.12 for a 5% gain


VSTM - We've decided to chase this stock to a conservative price of $2.50. When we say chase, we don't necessarily mean hold. My goal is to sell tomorrow for $1.30 - $1.35 and get back in around $1.27. The whole plan though needs to revolve around multiple transactions at 5% gains and consistently repurchases for less than your sell price. 

SHOP - Sold @ $52.12 for a 5% gain. Need re-entry below $52.10 to make it make sense.

MGNX - Once this stock catches traction, should be able to sell out sometime around March for a 5% gain. Then we'll figure out what next. There's definitely a lot of money to be made here, but it hasn't been fruitful thus far.

CEMP - Aiming to sell 50% @ $3.20 or higher tomorrow. Then the rest @ a 5% gain. Rinse and repeat until $4.50.

LMCA - Ticker change to FWONA. Systematic investing. 5% and out.

LCI - Systematic investing. 5% and out.

UA - Oversold. Will sell 50% @ $19.03, then let the rest ride. 60 day $22.00 target.

USB - One year trade. $75-ish price target. For now.

James PauleyComment