20 January 2017

Pending Trades:





Sold 28 shares of AVGO @ $189.98 for a 6.69% gain

Sold 754 shares of FBP @ $6.64 for a 2.15% gain

Sold 1724 shares of NMM @ $1.78 for a 0% gain/loss


VSTM - Has a solid ABR of 1.6-2.5 depending on your sources and a projected value of $4. We want our 5% off of this but we won't be selling until something great comes along.

MGNX - This stock just fell at the wrong time; we all make bad calls and this was a poor call on our part. It will recover but it's going to take time...too much time. Once we unload NMM, we'll be putting every extra cent in MGNX to drive the price down until we can break even. Target - $39.00

CEMP - Everything went down, this was on the biggest sell and we still love it to trend upwards. Hopefully, we're out of this by the end of next week with our 5%.

LMCA - This is a great stock, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but this year. Projected price of $40. Most likely will sale @ 5% gain, but there's no reason to worry about this position.

MIDD - Depending on the market, this is essentially as good as gone. Sitting at 1.73% gain right now, once the market recovers, this should be gone quickly.

UEPS - Systematic investing. 5% and out.

FBP - Systematic investing. 5% and out. 

LCI - This position is performing surprisingly bad. We might be worried about it, we might not. Let's see what happens. Target - $31.00

AVGO - Expensive stock, but will gain 5% quick enough. Diversity. Sitting pretty @ 4.24% and 1.69% in after hours. We'll be in the office early to hopefully unload this ASAP. Chase the gains, but 5% is the key here.

James PauleyComment